Organisational aims and objectives

The policy unit and capacity would be closed down and this function would be devolved to affiliates. Leaders act to help a group achieve its goals and objectives with maximum application of its capacities.

Then, the report argued that the Federation is strong, has not lost membership and had reached adequate financial self-sufficiency.

Effective Leadership as Tool For Achieving Organisational Goals

When divisional structure is utilized more specialization can occur within the groups. Yet, these lower structures are important to build a strong shop steward movement, thereby reproduce leadership for the union.

This study, the review of literature is organized and discussed under the following heading: In addition, programme funding especially for political education has either declined or is non-existent.

Aims and objectives

Affiliates will have large scope within which to operate and to engage with sectoral and macro issues. OD involves systematic efforts to recognise shifts in the environment and, where necessary, take steps to adapt our organisations.

Third, all affiliates face workplace restructuring as employers adapt to the changed economic reality. First, leadership is a process of influence. Leadership is the ability to influence a group towards the achievement of a goal. We face a dominant global system in which the United State has consolidated its hegemony.

Central Committee is thus confronted with a challenge to reinforce the Federation and the voice of the working class. Approaches to Leadership Effectiveness There are three distinct and broad theories or approaches to the study of effective leadership, identified through research during the last fifty years, they include: Power is shared equally between the project manager and the functional managers.

Also, most management is not even aware of the exact constraints to the effective leadership. Leadership however, is a complex concept, more intuitively understood rather than rigorously definable. Some affiliates used the process to reorganise themselves whereas some abandoned the project midstream.

They do not stand behind a group to push and to produce rather the people themselves before the group as they facilitates progress and inspire the group to accomplish organizational goals.

Organizational structure

Tools for achieving organizational aims and objectives. However lack of consultation could mean that a firm is not able to take advantage of the skills and experience of its workforce; it could even lead to employees feeling demotivated and high staff turnover.

First, there are affiliates that are currently facing serious financial challenges. In that analysis we should identify the cost and benefit of whatever option we choose.

The task structured and The leader-member relation. Precision, speed, unambiguity, … strict subordination, reduction of friction and of material and personal costs- these are raised to the optimum point in the strictly bureaucratic administration.

Lewin Lipitt and white in their study, categorized these two behavioural oriented, of a leader as democratic, autocratic and laissez-fair which all centre on the technique of decision making. Therefore, a review process is first and foremost about analysing changes in the landscape and how they impact on internal organisation.

It must retain its broad orientation of a transformative union movement that addresses the issues of labour and the broader working class. This is tied to what type of Federation do we envisage in future.Welcome to Compass Child and Family Services.

Compass Child and Family Services is a Company Limited by Guarantee (CLG) having been granted charity status by the Irish Charities Regulatory Authority. The organisation was set up by a multidisciplinary group of professionals with a long standing involvement in working with children, adolescents and their families from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Power Culture. For a Power Culture firm control is the key element, decisions are made by one or a small number of people. Power cultures are usually found within small organisations or a section/department belonging to a large organisation. International Journal of Enterprise Computing and Business Systems (Online) (Online) Vol.

1 Issue 1 January This research paper aims at.


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Internal/Organisational Communication. This is communication that takes place within (or across) an organisation. In addition to the usual face to face, telephone, fax or mail; modern organisations may use technology to communicate internally.

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Organisational aims and objectives
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