Disadvantages advantages living in the city

We are so happy when we live in a famous destination on the world, a beautiful and developed place that others desire to live in.

BLOG: Big City Disadvantages

Advantages and Disadvantages August 17, City vs Suburbs Choosing whether to live in the city or suburbs is a major decision that many of us face in life. Competition in cities drives medical centers to hire only the most knowledgeable staff, ensuring the finest care for you.

A big city has more opportunity to find job with good salary as there are many companies, corporations and businesses.

However, I must say, after eight years of living in a big city, and in the not-so-great part of the town; I was never a victim of a crime other than some kid putting their gum on my car once. You may feel tempted to move closer to Disadvantages advantages living in the city to save time on commuting, or to the peace of the suburbs to start a family.

On the other hand, some people want to leave big city because of many drawbacks. The most serious problem of a town is a high level of criminality. In London, for example, there are so many things to do in the evenings like going to the cinema, to the pub or to the park during the summer period.

Dining Dining options in the city are both plentiful and diverse. Unfortunately, pollution may always be a problem in the big city despite the efforts made to reduce pollution such as the signs on the highway stating to not fill-up on gas or mow your yard until after 6: On the other hand, there are lots of problems that emerge when we reside in a village area.

What are the problems of rural areas and how can they be solved? Therefore, air pollution in cities is very obvious when compared with the rural. Living in a city can makes chances of getting a proper education because we can go to a better school, colleges or universities.

Experience a special date night with a play at the theater. After living a big city for eight years, I experienced both the advantages and disadvantages of big city life.

Furthermore, one other disadvantage is low quality of road infrastructure. Land ownership should be encouraged and a housing rental market should be active. This expansive shopping center contains a spa and beauty center in case you need some pampering after an all-day shopping trip!

Pollution Pollution is a sad reality for big city life and one of the biggest disadvantages.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in the City

People Although, the diversity is a good thing, the amount of people can be a bit over-whelming if you are not accustom to it. For me, towards the end, the disadvantages were out weighing the advantages.

Convenience The convenience of city life is another point in its favor. All the absorbed water evaporates and returns to the atmosphere.

What Are Some Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a Large City?

Big city attracts domestic and international investors, which provides good jobs with high income and opportunities to promote. While some options can be costly, museums and historic sites are often free or allow entrance for a small donation.

But, I believe that living in cities is more beneficial. Or find tickets to your favorite band and see a live concert at the local music hall. This can make your job search frustrating. This threatens the society who lives in the city. It would always sadden me when I would drive into the city for work in the morning in the summer time and see huge cloud of smog hovering over the downtown skyline.

There are countless job opportunities and activities to occupy your time. When it comes to finding a doctor in big cities like Chicago, you have unparalleled options and resources to get the care you need. However, without them realizing it, there are many disadvantages of living in the city.

Convenience of Public Transportation Driving everywhere can be a burden in a city of any size. More than a dozen hospitals in the Chicago area are nationally ranked for the quality of their medical care and superior staff.

Governments of developing countries must promote public policies to solve the problems of urbanism existing in capital and main cities.City vs Suburbs.

Choosing whether to live in the city or suburbs is a major decision that many of us face in life. You may feel tempted to move closer to work to save time on commuting, or to the peace of the suburbs to start a family.

Public transportation is a great benefit for those living in and around the city.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Living in a City

Trains, buses, and subways are all efficient and cost effective methods of getting to and from your home and other destinations.

Disadvantages of city life 1. City Life • Living in a city is an idea about which people share differing opinions. Some are attracted to the bright lights and hustle and bustle of city life, but it also comes with some disadvantages.

There are many advantages living in a city. Living in a city is very convenient. There ara many important things for life such as cloths, furniture and health care here.

There are better choices because there are more shops. We can also choose an expensive or cheap things that suit to our budget. To begin with the advantages of living in urban areas, cities provide better life facilities to the citizens.

People can avail medical, education and leisure facilities within the same city and do not need to travel to faraway places to purchase the things that they want. Describe the advantages and disadvantages of living in a large city. Nowadays, large cities are becoming more and more inhabited.

The majority of the population prefer living in a big town mainly because of the great advantages it has compared to living in the countryside.

Disadvantages advantages living in the city
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